Who we are

We were schoolmates and dated for years before getting married. Like many, our travel story also started with finding ways to escape the routine often. And in the journey of it, we discovered, till then dormant, our passion for travel and photography. We both are into full-time jobs, working with world’s biggest e-commerce unicorn and travel whenever we can. On weekends, using vacation time, traveling for work, taking sabbaticals, or just daydreaming – whatever floats our boat. We dream to see the sunrise from every part of the world.

Through TheTravellerLens we wish to inspire fellow travelers to travel and explore often, keeping their full-time jobs. Our content is focussed on helping one discover top things to do in cities and countries all over the world as well as to help to improve one’s travel photography skills.

All of the photos used on our blog are our own  check out our Instagram and Facebook page for more!