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The travel bug bit us since we moved to Bangalore around seven years back. It was our first year in the city, and be it the day trips, week end trips or extended weekend trips, we simply used to just pack our bags, stuff them in our car and whoosh (You can find road trip itineraries of quite a few places around Bengaluru here). Though we explored majority of destinations in South India during these years, we couldn’t tick Kabini off our list, until now

Brief about Kabini

The Kabini river, also known as Kapila, originates in the Wayanad District of Kerala. It flows into Karnataka and eventually merges with the Cauvery River. The river is accessible to the tourists from the Nagarhole National Park. This Park is situated in the Mysore and Coorg districts of Karnataka On it’s south-western side lies the Sunkadakatte Tourism Zone which includes a stretch of the Kabini River. It is this zone that tourists are familiar with refer as Kabini

A beautiful postcard worthy house somewhere in Kabini

Best time to visit

Kabini can be visited throughout the year but wildlife spotting is usually the best between November and January. Another good time to visit Kabini is between July and October when the monsoons turn the forests lush green. If you plan to visit during monsoons, we would suggest to contact your hotel/resort to get a real time check on the driving conditions and rains

Getting There

We drove from Bangalore to Kabini (via Mysore) but there are other ways to reach Kabini. You can reach Mysore via train. From Mysore, you can take a bus or a cab to Kabini which is just one and an half hours away

Frankly, we avoid driving on the Google suggested Bangalore Mysore Highway (Ramnagara – Mandya – Srirangapatna) as it is quite a busy one. The never ending traffic on this highway takes away the joy of being on a road trip. Fortunately, we recently discovered an amazing alternate route via Belur cross and Nagamangla. It adds 30 km to the trip but lets us avoid the traffic till Srirangapatna

the suggested route from Bangalore to Kabini

Our ritual pit stop at Kicchana Halli Mane for sumptuous South Indian Breakfast

Click here for the google location of Kicchana Halli Mane

The drive to Kabini with the above route was quite breezy and pleasant. The single lane road from Belur cross to Srirangapatna (via Nagamangala) offered such lovely marigold and flower farms on its either side


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During our road trips, we always keep an eye on the signboards while cross any small towns to discover local gems. And at this time we discovered this beautiful 12th century temple built under the reign of the Hoysalas in a small town Nagamangala, also known as the city of historic temples

The beautiful Sri Soumyakeshava temple in Nagamangla

Click here for the location of the Sri Soumyakeshava Temple in Nagamangala

Red Earth Kabini

Imagine waking up every morning to the chirping of the birds and see the sun’s golden rays kiss the pristine backwaters. We got to experience this during our stay at Red Earth, Kabini. Located on a peninsula and surrounded by the Kabini backwaters, Red Earth, Kabini is a 10 acre lush green property lapped by water on three sides. But more than its pretty face, there was something else that caught our attention, will talk about it in a bit


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We reached Red Earth, Kabini around 1 PM and were welcomed by smiling faces at the resort. After completing check-in formalities, we were taken to our cottage. The cottage was quite spacious and had a great balance between the vintage furniture and all modern hotel amenities.  The cottage also had a cozy front and back porch and a Jacuzzi as well

Our Cottage at Red Earth, Kabini


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Things to Do

There are quite a few activities to do at Red Earth, Kabini

  1. Burn some calories: Just grab a cycle & enjoy your time around the Kabini Backwaters. The cycle trails in Red Earth, Kabini are just amazing

  2. Connect with Nature  Did we tell you that this is a perfect place for Nature enthusiasts. You can spot almost 250 species of birds, fruits and flowers within the resort. Birds like Beaver Bird, Sunbird, Sparrow, Aspania, Tailored Bird & many more and flora like Jackfruits, Figs, Passion Fruits, African Berries, Rose Apples, Butter Fruit, Cashew and lot more

  3. Take a spin with the Coracle ride:  Would do you like a spin in the water. If yes, then coracle ride is the one for you. We did the coracle ride for the first time in Hampi and now don’t miss it, if available. We suggest going in the evening when it is breezy and the weather is more enjoyable. We paid 200 INR per head for the ride

  4. Take a dip in the pool: This is our favorite ritual whenever we stay in a resort that houses a swimming pool. We suggest to carry your own swim wear. Alternatively, the clothes are available on rent at the resort as well

  5. Enjoy Backwaters from the Wonky Monkey Cafe: Enjoy the beautiful view of the backwaters while sipping tea from this lovely cafe

  6. Unwind at Wetlands, the island bar: Unwind with a drink or two with some lovely music, billiards and books

  7. Enjoy the Cultural activities: Enjoy the various cultural activities with the local dancers performing

  8. Get pampered at Zvasthi Spa: Do not miss getting pampered at this Spa. Special mention to the well trained masseuses Sumitra and Kala

  9. Do some Sight seeing: Visit the wild life sanctuary & visit the centuries old Shiva temple


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Sipping Tea at the Wonkey Monkey Cafe with just a breathtaking view of the backwaters

What sets them apart

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make” – Jane Goodall

More than the luxuries and activities that Red Earth, Kabini has to offer, one should stay here to realize and appreciate the efforts they take to impact nature positively. Owners and staff alike, they are committed to sustainable tourism and not use the term just as a marketing gimmick. Let us tell you some of these things and hope we all learn from it a bit

  1. Plastic use is avoided: The drinking water in the cottages is kept in glass bottles to avoid the use of plastic

  2. Water is recycled and reused: The water from the cottages and Jacuzzi is recycled and used for watering the fauna in the resort

  3. Procurement is done locally: Vegetables, dairy and meat is procured from the local communities in an effort to empower them

  4. Employees are hired locally and upskilled: 98% of the resort staff comes from the nearby communities and tribes for all sorts of work and not just menial tasks. They also put conscious effort in upskilling their workforce. Some of the Red Earth Naturalists started with them as security guards. Most of them don’t have a hospitality degree but know how to wear a smile always

  5. Solar energy is harvested: Solar energy is harvested at the resort to heat water

  6. Cottages are constructed with least damage to the environment: The cottages are made using the rammed earth technique through mud and sand minimizing the usage of cement, steel etc

A meal on Us

We would love for you to go and enjoy and experience the Red Earth Hospitality at Kabini and would love to sponsor a meal for two during your stay. Please save the following picture, show at the resort at the time of check-in and treat your taste buds

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